Community Advocacy Connection

Community Advocacy Connection (future program)

Following the development of Second Chance, Ambassador Kids & K9s Outreach, and Kids, K9s & the Future, Community Advocacy Connection will mobilize a concerned community to assist in the efforts of law enforcement, Animal Control, Guilford County Animal Shelter and court officials to reduce the amount of animal cruelty cases in Guilford County. People & Paws 4 Hope’s Community Advocacy Connection will provide structure for community involvement through monitoring and attending court, increasing awareness, education and following up on animal cruelty cases.

To reduce the cycle of animal abuse, it is imperative that law enforcement, the court system and offenders feel the pressure from the community to stop the suffering and violence to create a safer, more humane society. Modeled after MADD (Mother’s Against Drunk Driving), this program will provide a structure for community involvement and education to reduce animal abuse while supporting Animal Services and the courts. Motivated by the desire to provide a voice for abused animals, youth and volunteers will work side-by-side with leaders in our community to foster education, and awareness and support stringent punishment for animal neglect and abuse.



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