Kids, K9s & the Future

Kids, K9s & the Future (future program)

Kids, K9s & the Future will serve youth ages 5-18 years by partnering children with reading, learning, behavioral and physical difficulties with a registered therapy dog to assist in fostering developmental changes. Initially, Kids, K9s & the Future will work with ages 5-8 years with a reading program in libraries and schools to help emergent and reluctant readers improve literacy skills. Reading is a key indicator for future success as 74% of children whose reading skills are below grade level in 3rd grade have a drastically reduced likelihood of graduating high school. [i] Graduates from Kids, K9s & the Future will be encouraged to continue their participation with therapy dogs and animals through Ambassador Kids & K9s Outreach.

[i] Turning the Page: Refocusing Massachusetts for Reading Success, 2008.


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