PP4H has four integrated programs that utilize the human/animal bond in order to improve the life skills for children while simultaneously rehabilitating and re-homing shelter dogs. The programs are interlocking and build upon one another.


Second Chance: is an intervention program that provides a court-ordered community service option for juveniles who want to train a rescue dog for adoption. Second Chance has partnered with One Step Further, a United Way Agency serving troubled youth and their families in Guilford County since 1982, to launch the initial classes in June 2011.

Kids, K9s & the Future (future program): utilizes the proven success of Animal Assisted Therapy to help children with reading, learning, physical and emotional disabilities. The initial program will be a reading program in libraries and in schools.  In schools the program will target emergent & reluctant readers that have fallen behind and intervention strategies are not working to improve their literacy skills.

Ambassador Kids & K9s Outreach (future program): provides continuity for Second Chance graduates and innovative activities in animal welfare to involve community wide at-risk youth and mentors by utilizing key strategies from Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Community Advocacy Connection (future program): mobilizes volunteers and Ambassador Kids & K9s Outreach participants to support law enforcement’s efforts in issues of animal abuse and neglect.